About us

Our car rental in Warsaw has been on the market for over 7 years. We offer high-level services in the field of car rental. Warsaw and Modlin are the area of our company's activity.

We have three points where you can pick up or return a rented vehicle - in Warsaw-Młociny, at the Warsaw - Chopin airport and Warsaw - Modlin airport. The car rental company charges additional fees for the issue or return made at Młociny or Chopin Airport. Car rental Warsaw - Modlin is a place where we do not charge the above-mentioned fees. At all points (Warsaw Car Rental - Modlin Airport, Warsaw Chopin Airport Car Rental and Warsaw - Młociny Car Rental) short-term rental is possible - Warsaw is a city that is developing in terms of business.

The company's offer also includes numerous accessories that facilitate the use of the vehicle and enrich car rental. Warsaw is a city still developing its infrastructure, so you can rent a GPS navigation for a small fee. Our offer also includes various types of child seats - we have seats from groups A, B and C, as well as pads up to 18 kg. Thanks to this, traveling with small children - regardless of their age - does not mean having to give up renting a car; Warsaw is the capital of Poland and a city full of important places and monuments, so a weekend trip with the family, taking advantage of the convenience of renting a car, is a very good idea. Among the additions to the car rental offered by our company, there is also the cleaning of the vehicle and the possibility of driving by an additional driver. A valuable option is also the possibility of extending the insurance with the abolition of the excess in damage. Possible damage to the vehicle in a collision or accident is an unpleasant moment when renting a car - Warsaw is a large city where it is relatively easy to get this type of situation on the road.

Our offer includes cars of various classes, sizes and parameters - thanks to this we are able to meet the needs of various customers. People looking for a small, low-burning car to rent at a relatively low price will certainly be interested in the Hyundai i20 available in our rental. Hyundai i20 is a comfortable car whose maneuverability and small size make it much easier to move around Warsaw streets and car parks. As for larger passenger cars, we offer the Hyundai i30 and Peugeot 308, as well as the popular Seat model - the Leon station wagon. These are passenger cars with similar characteristics, with a large trunk and a lot of space inside - which allows you to travel comfortably and safely with a few friends, colleagues or family. Our rental offer also includes Hyundai Tuscon - an off-road SUV class car with an automatic gearbox.

A wide range of cars and additional extensions is an extremely attractive option for tourists, as well as people visiting Warsaw on business. Not without exception is the convenient location of the vehicle release/return points - just a few steps from the Chopin airport or Modlin airport, you can see the signs "Rent a car Warszawa", indicating car rental. It should also be mentioned about the attractive prices of both the rental itself and additional options - for example, renting a Hyundai i20 costs only PLN 109/day when renting a car for 14 days. For this reason, we recommend that people planning a trip to Warsaw familiarize themselves with our offer.