A car with OC

To anyone we do not wish troubles on the road. However, when already come we can help in renting a replacement vehicle of the liability insurance perpetrator.


According to positions that obligate injured given a replacing car on all the time liquidation of damage. we give you the disposal of the all fleet.


Who is entitled to a replacement vehicle*?

All victims without exception. Although the position of insurers is sometimes different, the replacement car also entitled, for example .: inoperative, the unemployed, pensioners.


For how long are entitled to a replacement car?

For the entire period of liquidation damages (the period during which the victim can not use your vehicle).


This period is, depending on the injury:

·         the actual period of repair

·         the period from the collision to Repair

·         the period from the collision to purchase a new vehicle in the event of total loss.


Documents needed to rent a replacement vehicle are:

·         ID card and driving license of the person receiving the car.

·         Proof of registration of the damaged vehicle or a certificate of his arrest by the police on the scene

·         The number of damages awarded by the insurer.

·          In the case of business tax identification number.


Hiring can be done through workshops mating or contacting us by phone or e-mail:



* The replacement vehicle  liability insurance perpetrator is entitled to the victims of the traffic incident arising as a result of actions of third parties. The easiest thing depicting - car collided with another car